Diplomatic Passport -جواز سفر دبلوماسي

Two pretty exciting things have happened since my last blog post.

First, I received my diplomatic passport! It is everything I had hoped it would be. It was also the last document we needed to send off the paperwork for my husband’s expedited naturalization. Our fingers are crossed that he will get an interview, pass the English and Civics tests, and become a U.S. citizen before we leave for Saudi Arabia next spring.


And secondly, I can speak (a little bit of very specific vocabulary in) Arabic!

Examples of things I know how to say, read and write in Arabic:

  • The senior government official arrived in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • The Saudi king is meeting with foreign ministers from eastern countries and ambassadors from western countries.
  • The prime minister issued a joint statement, but the issue was not important.
  • I am studying Arabic because I am an employee of the State Department, and I will go to Saudi Arabia in order to work in the consular section in Jeddah.

Examples of things I do not know how to say in Arabic yet:

  • I would like 2 orders of falafel, please.
  • Where is the hospital?
  • What time is it?
  • See you tomorrow.

In just six more months, I am expected to be at Speaking Level 2, which means I will be able to “handle with confidence, but not with facility, most normal, high-frequency social conversational situations including extensive, but casual conversations about current events, as well as work, family, and autobiographical information.”

But for now:

!مع السلامة

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